eBusiness and eGovernment


The European Electronic Signatures Directive of 1999 and E-Commerce Directive of 2000, as well as the act on electronic commerce (Elektronischer Geschäftsverkehr-Gesetz), the act to adapt the formal requirements of private law to modern business transactions (Gesetz zur Anpassung der Formvorschriften des Privatrechts an den modernen Rechtsgeschäftsverkehr), the new ordinance on the award of public contracts (Vergabeverordnung) in conjunction with the rules for the award of public contracts and the recent changes to the federal act on administrative proceedings (Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz des Bundes) have created a new legal basis for electronic services and transactions in Germany, under both public and private law.
Our lawyers have already been dealing with the legal framework regulating e-business and e-government since the late 1990s. We provide legal advice for public-sector bodies establishing internet portals, as well as for companies that provide electronic services and develop such products.



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